Mississippi Pharmacists BP Claims

Mississippi's Independent Pharmacists can be covered by the BP Oil Spill Business Settlement.

Contact us to see if your Pharmacy is covered under the Settlement.

You may have a claim for damages due to the BP Deepwater Horizon 2010 Oil Spill. BP has settled with Businesses across the Gulf Coast and has already set aside money for claims. All that is required is for your pharmacy to examine the financials to see if they are due money under the settlement. Not sure if your pharmacy qualifies? Contact us. Don't think there is any way your pharmacy qualifies? Think again. More businesses qualify even when they do not think they do. So, fill out the form to the right and our attorneys will contact you to help you through the claims process.

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PLEASE NOTE that filing for a consultation, or speaking with our staff about your issue in any way does not constitute legal representation.

We at Lomax Law Firm are not your attorneys until you have visited our office and signed a contract stating that we are indeed your attorneys. Because we receive many requests for consultation, if you have not heard from us regarding your claim, please contact another attorney because your claim may be time sensitive, which means that it may expire if you do not have an attorney file your claim within a certain amount of time.

Lomax Law Firm just signed a strategic partnership agreement with former Mississippi Attorney General Mike Moore and his law firm, the Mike Moore Law Firm. Together our firms are attempting to make sure that all independent pharmacists in Mississippi who are eligible for monetary damages under the BP Business and Property Settlement knows about and gets the payment they are due. Many Pharmacies throughout Mississippi do not realize they are eligible for payment under the settlement.

As a result of my prior representation of MIPA, Robert Dozier, Executive Director of the Mississippi Independent Pharmacists Association, requested that I inform all MIPA members of their eligibility to participate in the BP settlement, and extend our legal assistance and representation in pursuing a settlement claim. The settlement is designed to compensate businesses that suffered an economic loss in 2010, including lost business profits, lost income, property sales loss, and lost growth potential. Whether it’s through my firm or a law firm with whom you are more familiar, all members of MIPA should carefully consider their eligibility to participate in the BP Business Settlement Claims Program.

The truth of the matter is that BP’s oil spill affected everyone’s life and business, whether they are a fisherman, a restaurant owner, or a pharmacist. The breadth of the Settlement represents this sentiment. In fact, nearly ANY business, including pharmacies, in ANY part of Mississippi, from Gulfport to Southaven, has a potential claim for money damages. If a pharmacy recorded a revenue loss in 2010 following the oil spill, then the pharmacy may be entitled to compensation for their 2010 monetary loss in revenue. In fact, this potential payment may be due even if you do not think your revenue loss was caused by the oil spill.

In partnering with the Mike Moore Law Firm, we have partnered with not only one of the most respected attorneys in Mississippi, but also a firm that has already partnered with business analysts, forensic accountants, and other experts who can make sense of your revenue loss and the somewhat complex payment formula agreed upon by BP as part of the settlement. This streamlined approach to the Settlement allows us to calculate revenue losses quickly and accurately. Importantly, this settlement is a claim to money that has already been set aside by BP, not a lawsuit that could become expensive and drawn out. Indeed, this process can be quick and requires little business interruption. Moreover, the claim is confidential, so your pharmacy need not worry over disclosure of sensitive information.

TAKE NOTE, even if your pharmacy did not return an annual loss in 2010, you still may be eligible for a money payment under the BP Settlement Agreement. If you recorded a loss at anytime during the latter half of 2010, contact me immediately. The claims process closes in April of 2014 and all business claims after that date will be barred. Even if you believe there is no way your pharmacy will qualify under the settlement, contact me at 228-762-3161 to see if you qualify for payment. A potential claim consultation is free and does not require any action by you other than to contact us, or to fill out the form above.

I thoroughly enjoyed representing Mississippi’s independent pharmacies against the Department of Medicaid. Winning that case for the many pharmacists whom I worked alongside in pharmacy school, especially those who run independent pharmacies like my two brothers ran for so many years, was such an exciting blessing. I hope that you will consider contacting me about your claim so we can determine very quickly whether your pharmacy is due compensation under the BP Settlement.


                                                                         Lowry & the Lomax Law team