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For almost a century, inhaling asbestos fibers has been associated with mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis and several other asbestos-related diseases, many fatal or debilitating.

Thousands of workers were exposed to asbestos day in and day out as they worked in factories, mills and other industrial occupations like ship yards. Family members were also harmed through secondhand exposure to deadly asbestos brought home from the workplace. 

Mesothelioma is a rare cancer caused by Asbestos Exposure. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma (including any type of Pleural, Lung, Chest Cancer), or Asbestos Cancer you may be entitled to collect from negligent companies that disregarded the health and safety of American workers.  Lomax Law Firm is among the national pioneers in Asbestos Lawsuits.

If you or someone you know has Mesothelioma or Asbestos Lung Cancer, you or they may be entitled to collect from negligent companies.  All submissions are completely confidential.  Get a Free Consultation Immediately.

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BP Settlement Claims

In partnering with the Mike Moore Law Firm, Lomax Law Firm has partnered with not only one of the most respected attorneys in Mississippi and the United States, but also a firm that has already partnered with business analysts, forensic accountants, and other experts who can make sense of your revenue loss and the somewhat complex payment formula agreed upon by BP as part of the settlement. This streamlined approach allows us to calculate business losses quickly and accurately. Importantly for businesses, this is a claim for all Mississippi, Alabama, Lower Louisiana, and Florida Panhandle businesses, not a lawsuit that could become expensive and drawn out. Rather, this process can be quick and requires little business interruption. Additionally, the claim is confidential, so your business need not worry over disclosure of sensitive business information.

Even if your business did not return an annual loss in 2010, you still may be eligible for a money payment under the BP Settlement Agreement. If your business recorded a loss at anytime during the latter half of 2010, contact us immediately. The time to file claims is NOW: the claims process closes in April of 2014 and all business claims after that date will be barred.

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Workers Compensation

Work-related injuries can temporarily interrupt your day-to-day professional duties. Damage that is more serious can end your career. 

In addition to the physical pain, the fear and uncertainty of the future, an injured worker is suddenly out of work. Workers compensation may be available, including state workers compensation and workers comp under the LHWCA (traumatic injuries occurring in shipyards, some offshore rigs, and on unloading docks) but it may not be enough to compensate you appropriately.

By law, employers should have workers compensation insurance. However, even with coverage, there are hurdles to overcome and issues to address. Let Lomax Law Firm focus on recovering for your injuries and you can attend to doctor’s appointments and the rest of the hurdles that come with an unexpected workplace injury.

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Personal Injury

Personal Injury occurs when we least expect it. Whether it is driving down the highway, working in the yard, or even on vacation, accidents happen and they can ruin our health and our way of life.

 If you are involved in an accident within Mississippi or Alabama or while working offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, whether it's an automobile accident, a longshoreman or Jones Act Claim, or some other injury to yourself, you may not feel pain right away. It may take several days for muscle soreness to reveal itself. It is important to not sign any documents releasing liability until you are sure you are not injured. Even if you have already signed something it is not necessarily too late.

We want to help get you back on your feet, and restore your vehicle, your working status, your life. At Lomax Law Firm, we will fight to do just that. 

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Hearing Loss

For many hard-working individuals, hearing conservation programs did not exist in the 1960's and 1970's. Many shipyard and rig workers, Longshoremen and stevedores were exposed to high decibels of occupational noise without having adequate hearing protection.

Today, they are getting close to their retirement years and their hearing is damaged, if not gone. Thankfully, laws are in place to help those injured workers receive hearing aids, lifetime maintenance and a permanent disability award to compensate for the hearing loss. At Lomax Law Firm, our firm has been fighting for and recovering for victims of hearing loss for over twenty years. If you think that you may have a claim because your workplace did not adequately protect your hearing, contact Lomax Law Firm.

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