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How a Consultation Works?

At the Lomax Law Firm, we carefully review all potential claims to determine if the facts of each individual claim is also a legal claim. Our team of experienced legal professionals have over thirty years of experience in determining whether your claim possibly raises a legal issue. If after review, your claim raises a legal issue in the determination of our team, we will contact you to discuss representation.

Please note: filing for a consultation, or speaking with our staff about your issue in any way does not constitute legal representation.

We at Lomax Law Firm are not your attorneys until you have visited our office and signed a contract stating that we are your attorneys. Because we receive many requests for consultation, if you have not been contacted by a member of our firm, please contact another attorney. Your claim may be time sensitive, which means that it could expire if you do not have an attorney file your claim within a certain amount of time.

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